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Events in Florence


The city of Florence offers many events during the year:

Pitti Immagine

Pitti was born as manifestation the 12th of February of 1951. In Villa Torrigiani there was a fashion show which was the just first of a long series. From the 1952 to 1981 the shows were organized in Palazzo Pitti. In 1982 the manifestation was moved in Fortezza da Basso, but it maintained it’s original name. The evolutions of the manifestation sow the born of CFMI, Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana (Italian Fashion Florence Center) in 1954, Pitti Uomo (1972), Pitti Bimbo (1975), Pitti Filati (1977) e Pitti Casa (1978), In 1983 was cereated the Centro Moda srl, (fashion center) called Pitti Immagine in 1988 Pitti Immagine. Information and calendar:

Feste Fiorentine

Ester morning - “Scoppio del Carro” and historical paraded The Ester morning, on the city street there is an historical paraded with people dressed in rinascimental dress. During the holy mess, after the “Glory”, Florence bishop five his bless to the “Colombina” a mechanical dove, which cross al the cathedral since the “wagon”. Here, there are some firework, which exploded at the contact. Then the dove come back. If the return travel have no problem, the year will be good.

24th of June: Il calcio storico - Some one think that modern soccer is made in Florence. Really, the historical soccer has elements of the soccer and rugby. It’s play in Santa Croce square. There are two team of 27 players which play in a earth, with a round ball. They have to put the ball on the net and make as much “cacce” (hunting) as possible. Any time the ball arrive in the net, there is a cannon shot.

24th of June: Fuochi di San Giovanni - The 24th of June is San Johannes holiday, the patron of Florence. Schools, offices and shops are close all the day long. In the night there are the fireworks. The fireworks are exploded from the Piazzale Michelangelo in direction of Arno river. It’s possible see the fireworks from different part of the city, in any case the better place is the “Lungarno” where there are paying sitting place. Piazzale Michelangelo and the “Lungarno” can be close during the 24th afternoon.

7 settembre: Rificolona - The 8th of September is the Virgin birth holiday. In the past, for this occasion a lot of people come from the surroundings in the city. They travel during the night of 7th to be in front of the city door in the morning, and to make light in front of them they have some lamp on the top of a wood. Those lamp are called “Rificolona” Today children use to remember this procession, carry on a decorated paper lamp on the top of canes. The 8th of December is the immaculate conception holiday. In past in Santissima Annunziata square there were a market whit the country side product, called “Fieruncola dell’Immacolata” (Inncaculate little fear). Now in the same square, the 8th of dicember is possible to by biological products.