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Food specialities

Tuscany cousine

The Tuscany cuisine is connected with two world: the poor end peasant one, and the chic of the renascimental court, which love the wine. Probably the most famous plate is the Florentine Stick. It is a stick of 5 cm cut with a part of bond at T. It is cut on grill just the time to leave it raw inside.


The traditional tuscany lates come from the paesant tradition. Those are so simple but realy nourishing. The ingredients are bead, pulses (bins, farro and ceci) and cow and pork eat in the reach families Florentine bread is not so salad. This think is so famous also because Dante used the salted bread as metaphor of his exile. Paradiso XVII:
Tu proverai sì come sa di sale lo pane altrui, e come è duro calle lo scendere e 'l salir per l'altrui scale..

The Tuscany bread is really less salad then the other Italian one, because it’s is eat with food which have a lot of salt as the salumi, from the salad ham to the al salami, and finocchiona (with fennel seeds). Also the Tuscan sausage is tasty. You can eat it raw with bread or coked on the grill, in any case it’s made in a way that permit to have the centre usually raw. In a Tuscan grill there will be also the rosticciana, the rib of the pig and the stick.

The pecorino cheese is another Tuscan product. There are different type of pecorino lass or more seasoned. It’s wonderful with sweet pears and baccelli.

The oil is an important part of the Tuscany kitchen. It’s product in Chianti Hills and the olive oil is put in all the sup with pulses. When the olive oil is made are organized local holiday in some village. With the new oil is made the fettunta (bread with oil) and the bruschetta. Tuscany is extended from the Appennini to the seaside, so its food is reach and different. From its products is possible remain: the Biroldo, from Garfagnana, the brigidini, biscuit with the anise from Lamporecchio the “bins with the eye, the ribollita, the panzanella, the minestra di pane (the bread sup), and the schiacciata alla fiorentina On the coast is possible eat fantastic fish plates as Cacciucco alla Livornese, the salad Baccalà from the sea reach any part of the Tuscany.


The most famous Tuscany wine is Chianti. This wine is know in any part of the heart end is one of the best production of Italy. There are a lot of different wines make in this area, red and white, strong and fresh. Thanks to the different wines is possible to answer to any taste and meeting any Tuscany traditional plate. The Chianti Classico Gallo Nero (Chianti Classic black cock) is a DOCG trademark. Even if all Chianti Classico Gallo Nero is made in Chianti area, not all the wine made in this area is Chianti Classico Gallo Nero. To receive this nomination wine have to respond to some strong request and have to be made follow strict rules following in the paper about the way to made Chianti Classico Gallo Nero.
On the wed site: is possible find the norms about this wine, a list of the different Chianti Classico Gallo Nero species and a list of the production farms Other Tuscan wines are: the Vinsanto, a sweet wine very good for desert and fantastic with the cantuccini di Prato biscuits, the white Vernaccia di San Giminiano, the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, the Brunello di Montalcino, and the Aleatico d’Elba.