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How to Reach Florence

By plane

The city of Florence is served by two airports: the Amerigo Vespucci airport in Florence and Galileo Galilei, in Pisa. The Amerigo Vespucci, airport is situated in the in the North area of the city. It's connected at the center of city about some bus line and taxi. Init there are also large parking for long or short stops for about 800 car. The bus connection is called "Volainbus" a ship transfer service which connect the airport to the train station, in the centre of Florence, in about 30 minutes (the are no stops) The ticket is sell directly on the bas and cost about 4 euro. The service is working from 5.30 am till 21.00 (last bus leaving time) about any 30 minutes.
Galileo Galilei airport is in Pisa. The airport is collocated in the centre of a communication net, which permit to reach all the most important Tuscany cities. The airport has a big parking for long and short stay, which can contain about 1200 car and a pullman parking. Car parking is open from 8.00 am till 12.00 pm ph. 0039 050849512



The journey is long about 70 minutes from Pisa Airport and the center of Florence and of 15 minutes from florence Airport and the center of Florence
The ticket costs Euro 10 one way and Euro 16 return.


By car

There are two "autostrade" which reach Florence: the A1, which cross Italy from north to south and the A11 (Firenze Mare, Florence sea) which connect the city to the coast. The Florence's exit to the A1 are, from north: Firenze Nord (connection with A11), Firenze Scandicci, Firenze Certosa and Firenze Sud. Close to Florence there are also the exit of Barberino di Mugello, close to the rices ciruit and to the Barberino Deisigner Outlet and the exit Incisa Valdarno, the "The Mall"'s one. The "autostrada" ia a pay-road. When you will arrive at the entrace you will take the tiket and you will return the ticket when you left the highroad. You can pay by cash, with a pre-paid card (viacard), bancomat, credit card or telepas. If you use telepas you have not to take the ticket. The different pay door are indicated from the notice on the top of the doors. You can have all the information about the pre-paid ticket. Besides the "autosatrada" the city of Florence is connected by a net of "superstrade", no pay road that integrate the road net. The sigh SS means "Strada Statale": those are extraurban road not for high velocity Following the main Tuscany cities and the better way to reach them.

By train

The airport of Pisa is connected to the Florence train station of Santa Maria Novella by 8 train one hour long. The railway is out the airport (leaving hall), but is possible to by the train tickets at the information office (Arrival Terminal).

Santa Maria Novella Train Station (Fi SMN)

The Santa Maria Novella station is one of the 13 station of network Grandi stazioni, of Ferrovie dello Stato group. It was innaugurated the 30th of october 1935. It was builded on the project of a grouop of architects called Gruppo toscano, which was guided by Giovanni Michelucci. The team, which won the competion for the station project, was composed by some of the most important arquitectes of the '900 as Berardi, Gamberini, Guarnieri and Lusann. The station is considered one of the most important example of Italian Realis in arquitecture. The station in in the center of the city close to Santa Maria Novella church. Into the station there are works of Italo Griselli, Ottone Rosai and Mario Romoli.