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Florence represents an essential destination for any tourist and any traveller. The history of the city is fascinating. It was born before the birth of the Roman empire, and in the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance Florence has become one of the most greater economic artistic and philosophical capitals of the world.


Despite the history has seen alternate moments of ascent and periods of decline, Florence has maintained intact its royalty in the beauty of its monuments, in the oneness of its alleys and in the wealth of its artistic works. Walking along the streets in Florence, means to cross the same footsteps of characters as Dante or Lorenzo il Magnifico, and in more than a case, to see the same foreshortenings of buildings and casetorri, the embroideries painted by the white marble of the churches on the blue sky or to hear the same ringing that from centuries it accompanies the hours from the tower bell and from the numerous churches of the city center.